Harry Potter: Star Signs (Which witch are you?) | Character Profile

You haven’t seen Harry Potter???? *mutters under breath* Damn mudblood. Any doubts you had before will be shattered after reading these character profiles. Scared? You should be.



Hey Fred.. or is is George.. no? Your mischievous ways and outgoing personality tend to get you into a bit of a mess. Lying your way out of a difficult situation reaps bountiful short term rewards, but often ends in a magical disaster. As a child you were always stealing the last chocolate frog, yet somehow managed to pin it on siblings and friends. Your easy smile and charisma helps you flirt your way out of trouble (and into the bedroom). Overall you have a pretty sweet deal!


 Your self confidence borders on egotistical. Power trips are your thing and it is all domination in the bedroom. Your short temper often comes back to bite you, and apologies are both scarcely and begrudgingly told. You’re successful in your career and can be seen buying the latest fashion and flying the most expensive broomstick. Don’t take yourself too seriously, life is more than just work and torturing children.


Luna Lovegood In A Strange Glasses for 2560x1600

You’re head’s in the clouds. With quirky fashion styles and a bubbly personality, you have all the traits needed to get ahead in the design world. Friendships often take a while to form, and miscommunication is a common trend. You need a better sense of time management and should invest slightly less time in reading the Quibbler. Your heart is in the right place and you protect the people you love. Remember – self-sacrifice always comes with a price.


You exist to serve others. You often compromise your happiness to protect a friend. Loyalty is a top priority and you are fully prepared to maim or seriously injure anyone who threatens the people you love. Your kind and heroic nature means that you are extremely loveable, but remember that you need to put yourself first occasionally. Socks are extremely important to you – after all, anything can be achieved with warm feet.


Ease up cocky! Yes you are intelligent, but don’t let it get to your head. You feel entitled to greatness, and are an extremely sore loser. This may be because failing is so infrequent that the shock completely disarms you… but is more likely due to the knowledge that you could have done better. You put on a brave face, but it’s time to pull your walls down and show the real you. If you follow this simple advice I guarantee that friendship will come much more easily.



It’s hard to stand up to your friends – but you are more than qualified. Your courage allows you to make the hard call. You don’t shy away from the more difficult pathways and this mentality will bring you far in life. You have a cool head and a strong sense of purpose. Remember to relax with friends or just take time out for yourself once in while. Life is hard enough without you finding non existent problems to solve.


You’re not the most dependable of people. Never the less, when the going gets tough you always find the strength to return to the fight. This quality shows a perseverance that is rarely expected of you, and you have the ability to constantly surprise others. Your collection of chocolate frog cards grows on a weekly basis. Maybe it’s time to start a team orientated hobby as well… possibly Quidditch? I could see you as a fantastic keeper.



It’s time to let go of the past. Old grievances have no place in your life now. Your cunning and slyness make you a competent foe, but revenge will just leave you empty. Remember that children aren’t responsible for their parents actions. You rarely lose your temper, but when you do it releases a tidal wave of emotion. You are academically inclined, which is a gift needed in dark hours. When all hope is lost you can show the light.


 There is an uncontrollable darkness inside of you. You act impulsively and without thought of the consequences. You bathe in the suffering of others, which masks the emptiness you feel every day. Happiness isn’t just a child’s dream. Without letting people see the real you, you can never fill that void. Love is achievable if you work at it, and deep down you are a vey caring person. It is time to push  your fears aside and rewrite your story.


Your soul is untameable and you yearn for freedom. The world is there to be explored, and the wolf inside of you desperately wants a mate who will travel the world at your side. Family is important, you put this responsibility before any and all obligations. This makes you a strong ally and a close friend. With you by their side, anything is possible. It’s time to unburden yourself and learn to let others support you too.


You are brave until the very end. Friendship is extremely important to you, and blood doesn’t make a family. You are willing to die for the people you love, and are a loyal, trustworthy companion. Kindness and love are shown to you by all your friends. You are an immensely likeable person and extremely good at warming the heart on dark nights. You hate being cooped up and need to leave the nest. Your independence further enforces the strength of your character.


You are a down to earth brainiac. There’s not much you can’t do (if you put your mind to it). Your intelligence is only surpassed by your instinctual need to protect your friends. You can navigate your way out of sticky situations and easily command a room. Unfortunately this sometimes labels you as bossy, you are more than willing to take the heat if it gets the job done. You are willing to share your talents with others, and can often be seen teaching others new tricks.


Disclaimer: All images are owned by Warner Bros. This is an opinion piece and may not reflect the belief of the Network.


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