Orange is the New Black: Star Signs – Sex life. (How sexy is your sexy?) | Character Profile

As far as character diversity goes, Orange is the New Black takes a proud first place. Claiming  both black, white, asian, gay, straight, gender fluid, transgender, and everything in between characters, they really have covered all the angles. These character profiles will hopefully convince you that Orange is the New Black should be at the top of your Christmas list this year.

Aries: Nicky


You are fiery and passionate in the bedroom – an expert lover. Your partner reaches new heights every time. It’s not uncommon to see you in the club with new candy on each arm. You’re not in it for love, which often makes you seem cruel and cold. This pushes away some very eligible new toys, don’t worry – there’s plenty more fish in the sea.. and they all want a piece of you. You’re sexual appetite is borderline OTT. This means your relationships are fleeting and boredom quickly sets in. Remember not to push too hard, you might break the more fragile of your followers 😉

Taurus: Brook

I wouldn’t call you sexually naive… maybe just lacking experience. You like sex, but are nervous in the bedroom. Your lack of self confidence often shows, but your cute lip biting makes more patient lovers swoon. Remember to keep smiling, there’s nothing wrong with a few nerves.  Sex is fun but often means more to your partner than yourself, if you need to slow down don’t be afraid to say so. Any partner worth your time will accept your decision and love you anyway. Friendships are just as important to you as your sex life, however those relationships often follow you to bedroom #Badmove

Gemini: Lorna

 Dear, oh dear, oh dear. Darling you need you to lose the crazy. You ability to feel such strong emotions is commendable but tone it down a little. Any partner would be lucky to have someone capable of so much love, but you’re going to scare them off before they even reach the bedroom. Don’t feel like you have something to prove, sexy eyebrow raising is often a larger turn on than a constant string of ‘Please don’t leave me’s”… you know i’m right. Your personalty makes you a flexible lover, willing to try new things, but don’t compromise your values for someone else’s pleasure.

Cancer: Alex

Hey sexy! You’re sophisticated with some kinky moves and chicks dig you. You take no shit in the bedroom and are unwilling to be pushed. This strong determination means you can dominant if you choose but there is a softer side you only show to those you deem truly worthy. You have trust issues and this can show in the bedroom, partners often feel rejected but your cute pouts commonly melt their heart. You need to let go of past experiences and live in the moment, you might find your soul mate only to push them away. Forgive, let go and live.

Leo: Red


You are a dominatrix and proud – Though your sex life is private no one could ever mistake you for anything else. Sex is about passion and respect. You enjoy your lovers, but a glass of wine and a home cooked meal are just as exciting. Relationships are long term and intimacy is only instigated after a long and lengthy discussion about boundaries. This is often off-putting for the more spontaneous lovers but if you need those ground rules to feel safe then you go girl. You know how to reel a potential partner in and more often than not they are more than willing to compromise.

Virgo: Boo

You have a heart of gold and an unquenchable appetite. You often hide behind the pretence of strength but what you really want in a lover is an ally and friend. Your sex drive is… well far above the average. This is a turn on for many people, however you are often hard to keep up with. This means you need to have a real discussion with your partner about both their physical and emotional state. Sex can be liberating but they want lots of cuddles too. You protect the people you care about and sometimes go to extreme lengths in your pursuit of ‘justice,’ this is both frightening and commendable.

Libra: Poussey


Of all the lovers, I’d choose you. You are sweet and kind, putting love before sex. You are sure to be gentle and your lovers are left feeling a sense of safety and deep emotional trust. You have a thing for those who feel unwanted, and would like nothing more than to show them someone cares. Be careful not to fall in too deep and too quickly, for love is a dangerous and difficult emotion. Though you may feel as though you have met your soul mate it will take time for them to feel the same way, be patient for in time they will share their soul with you too.

Scorpio: Piper


Hmm you are very difficult to make a decision about, i’m not sure whether I love or hate you. You are a great lover, yet can’t decide if you like is sweet or rough, this can make your partners very confused and you are often on a ‘break’. It is important to listen to your partner without being offended by their perfectly reasonable requests, i.e. tell me in advance if you’re going to hate fuck me. You can often be seen flirting with other people, and have a great sense of humour, remember that you’re not a player so your partners happiness should be one of your top priorities. Yes?

Sagittarius: Sophia

Your sex life is complicated with a lot of emotional baggage attached. You’ve had some bad past experience and are ultimately too afraid to commit to a relationship. Although it may take time – you will love again, I promise. Don’t be afraid of commitment, ultimately it can’t go worse than last time. You are a kind and generous lover but remember that although your partner would love to listen to your past experiences it must go both ways. Do not allow the past consume you, it will bring issues into the present. Your smile lights up your face so be happy and allow yourself to love again.

Capricorn: Taystee


You are a strongly practical, yet very caring person – which comes across in your sex life. You are willing to make compromises, as long as it doesn’t push you far from your comfort zone. You are a gentle yet confident lover, who dislikes rough sex. You focus on the pleasure of you partner and their happiness brings you great joy. Remember that a relationship is also about you, and your partner wants to show you how much they love you as well. Don’t sweat the small stuff because your partner won’t and remember that the bedroom is a place of exploration… maybe you’ll actually enjoy stepping outside the box.

Aquarius: Stella

Hey bae! You are a flirt with a cheeky sense of humour. You enjoy sex but a relationship is just as important. In the bedroom anything goes and you are more than willing to try something new. You are sweet and romantic, with a desire for passion. Love is important but not essential and you can easily find connections – it helps that you’ve got the looks. You look after yourself first and often feel guilty about this. DON’T. You’re wellbeing must always be a priority and this is an important philosophy for life, love and future planning. Allow yourself to fall deeper and deeper in lover, you only live once.

Pisces: Suzanne


Lucky last – Gemini looks tame compared to your crazy. I’m trying to come up with a positive but it’s quite difficult. You have rarely had sex and are kinda scared of it, yet become obsessed with people easily… be careful not to break that restraining order. You are a kind person but find it hard to express emotion in a productive way. People around you can see how hard you’re trying and often stop you from doing something stupid – but as of yet you haven’t found that someone to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe it’s time to focus on you and give yourself some well deserved me time.

Disclaimer: All images are owned by Netflix. This is an opinion piece and may not reflect the belief of the Network.


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